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Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve compiled a list of the most frequent questions that I get asked. It’s entirely normal to want to make 100% sure before committing to therapy and indeed I encourage you to ask as many questions as you need when choosing to work with a Counsellor. The most frequently asked questions are below but if you have any more you can either contact me or book in for a free 20 minute introductory chat with absolutely no obligations.

General Session Information

Sessions are 50 minutes long, the so-called 'therapeutic hour'. I offer sessions remotely or face to face. Sessions cost £60

Remote sessions take place either via a secure video-call or, if you prefer, via telephone. You will need to ensure you have a stable internet connection and a private space where you won't be interrupted - I've counselled people have sat in their cars before.  

Face to face sessions are held in the therapy room in my house in Rayleigh, Essex. This is accessible on the ground floor and there are toilet facilities available. Free parking is available on the street outside the house. 

I have a dog and so can't guarantee that you won't be affected if you are allergic to dogs/ animals in which case you may decide that a remote session is more suitable.

Sessions can be booked directly from the links on the Services page - which show my up-to-date availability. Credit/ Debit card payment is taken via Stripe at the time of booking. I can also take payment via bank transfer in the case of bulk booking.

In my opinion both types of session are equally as valuable. I have had specialist training in delivering sessions remotely so as to provide a better service to my clients and I believe that the increasing popularity of remote therapy only serves to make counselling more accessible for all clients.

Do you offer discounts?

I offer a discount for block booking sessions. I also offer discounts for student counsellors, emergency service workers, members of the armed forces and teachers. Please contact me for details.

What can I expect in a session?

This isn't a very easy question to answer as the content of a session can vary wildly, however the basics are always the same. You bring the topic you want to talk about which could be everyday events, dilemmas, feelings, thoughts, regrets, aspirations, memories or dreams and we explore that, together, in a way that you always remain in control of the speed and depth of the session. You will be listened to, and heard, and that can be a liberating thing to experience. I am non-judgemental and our sessions are confidential, with the exception of risk of serious harm to you, child protection issues and acts of terrorism - I will talk to you about this more at the beginning of our first session. From this base the session could move in a number of different directions but all will be either at your request or with your permission.

What issues can you help with?

Some of the things that I can help with are:

abuse (including physical, verbal, and sexual abuse)

addiction and substance misuse

anxiety (generalised anxiety problems, panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety, claustrophobia)


depression (including suicidal thoughts, low mood, social withdrawal)

negative body image

low self-esteem and lack of confidence

obsessive-compulsive disorder

phobias and fears

relationship issues (breakups, divorce, affairs, choosing inappropriate partners, loneliness, life adjustments, marital problems, arguments, jealousy, wedding and premarital issues)

sexual problems (impotence, internet/pornography/sex addiction, loss of desire, infertility)

trauma (including post-traumatic stress disorder from accidents, rape and other attacks/incidents)

workplace issues (stress, work-life imbalances).

flashbacks (from traumatic or other situations - which I may be able to assist with by using the 'rewind' technique)

How many sessions will I need?

I am aware that there are a lot of factors that may affect the number of sessions you can commit to. The bottom line is that we will finish whenever you feel the work is done. I have experience in short term therapy (6-10 sessions) and long term therapy ( 40+ sessions) and what they both have in common is a collaborative process of review where progress towards therapeutic goals is monitored alongside our relationship. This may sound formal but it's important to ensure that you get everything you need from our sessions.

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